Evel Knievel at Ontario Motor Speedway, 1971

Evel Knievel’s Feb. 28, 1971, jump over 19 Dodge vehicles (18 cars, one van) at Ontario Motor Speedway is seen in the photo above. And here, you can see a short video: the opening of the “Evel” biopic that mixes a few seconds of the actual jump with stuntwork, stand-ins and scenes with George Hamilton as Knievel. The jump was part of the entertainment at the Miller High Life 500 at the speedway. There will be more in Sunday’s column. Do you remember the jump? Were you there?

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  • Jimbo97367

    I was there and remember it well. While I was never a Knievel fan, I was a race fan and was there to see the Miller 500.

  • Joey Catuara

    My first job was selling soda at the race. They hired all comers and paid straight commission, so many of the sellers just sat and watched the race. I needed the money, and remember standing in the middle of the concession lines with my tray of cokes, selling out time and again to the people waiting in line to buy other food. Pretty clever for a 16 year old – at least I thought so at the time.

  • Lora Roberts

    My husband Monty Roberts was part of the executive team at Ontario Motor Speedway for the first 3 years of operation. I had lunch with Evel a few days before the race and he told me the fans were not coming to watch the Miller high Life 500 Race, they were coming to see him jump 19 Dodges. He was very pompous and cocky, totally full of himself.
    Lora Lee Roberts

  • Archie Bunker

    Loved watching Evel jump, got a great instamatic of the jump at Ontario.