On vacation

I haven’t gone anywhere — well, yesterday I went to Upland, if that counts — but I am off this week for some rest and relaxation. No columns and little activity here if I can help it.

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  • Andy Sze

    enjoy. cheers

  • Seconded! (Seconding Andy.) Enjoy your break! First assignment when you get back: write up the Feb Reading Log!

    • davidallen909

      Will do! I already shot the photos.

  • Ramona

    We’ll miss you. Don’t forget to write. Oh, wait. You just said you weren’t going to. (Not even a postcard?)

    Just have fun whatever you do. (Or don’t do.)

  • There are people in the northeastern United States who would LOVE to vacation in Upland, California. Too bad the Uplander Motel is gone (although I always called it the “Lander” after its sign got damaged). Perhaps people can sleep in the Vons grocery aisles.
    Now that I think about it, there is that new hotel on the east side of town that wasn’t there before. Perhaps vacationers will arrive there now.