• 3.14 !!!!!! but you already know

  • Ramona

    Many happy returns, David. I hope you get a nice slice of birthday cake.

  • Happy birthday David and many many more!!

  • Gavin

    Have a Pi—it goes on forever!

  • Felicidades a ti y buen cumpleanos!

  • DebB

    Took me a minute to get the Pi thing. Happy happy day! Enjoy!

  • Clark Burnett

    Happy Birthday David! Wishing you a terrific day! I believe I recently read that you also celebrated 16 years with the Daily Bulletion. Congratulations to you for your milestones!

  • Ramona

    My apologies, David. When I hoped you would have a big piece of cake on your birthday, I had forgotten until I read today’s column that cake is not a dessert for you.

    I’m glad you had your pie/pi instead.

    • davidallen909

      Funny story there — I actually did have cake on my birthday. Got a slice of chocolate cake at Nancy’s in RC at lunchtime. (I do like their chocolate layer cake, even though on general principles most cake doesn’t interest me.)

      My restaurant choice for dinner (Baco Mercat in downtown LA) didn’t have pie and thus I had cake again. Today, a co-worker brought in cupcakes for me.

      So, so far, haven’t had any pie, but lots of cake. I dare to be different, even if it’s only different from my usual routine.