Restaurant of the Week: I Like Pie

I Like Pie, 175 Indian Hill Blvd. (at 2nd), Claremont

A bake shop named I Like Pie? I’m in, especially since it’s within walking distance of my house. Situated between Le Pain Quotidien and Loving Hut, two of the most frou-frou restaurants in the valley, I Like Pie faces the courtyard fountain in the new part of downtown Claremont, near the theater.

Their pies aren’t wedge-shaped and served on a plate but rather small, round and served in a paper cup, like pills at a doctor’s office. In other words, they’re cupcake-sized. Dessert pies are $4.50 and savory pies are $8. They’re displayed in cases, you order at the counter and they heat them for you if you like. There’s minimal seating, usually enough but crowded at times when movies let out.

From the savory pies I’ve had butternut squash with goat cheese and a shepherd’s pie with turkey, mashed potatoes and carrots, both with tasty fillings in a flaky crust and good for a light meal. (The shepherd’s pie wasn’t heated thoroughly but the counterman put it in again.) From the dessert pies, I’ve had dulce de leche apple and creamy pear with honey drizzle, which were as delicious as they sound. A friend had glazed apple custard and called it sweet and satisfying.

They make sweet pies in 4- and 8-ounce versions; savory pies are 10 ounces. Selection by flavor and size varies by day, but at times they also have variations such as turnovers, toaster tarts, galettes (tiny, free-form pies) as well as traditional round pies for sale in full.

I Like Pie also has scoops of Dr. Bob’s ice cream for $2 and brewed-to-order Intelligentsia coffee, so they care about quality ingredients. It’s hard to break out of the wedge-shaped Platonic idea of pie, but I have to say, this is good stuff. I like it.

The shop’s name comes from a 1941 jazz tune by the Four Clefs, “I Like Pie, I Like Cake.” Listen to it here.

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  • mojavemike

    Was this in honor of Pi Day?? 🙂

    • davidallen909

      Accidentally, yes!

  • Andy Sze

    ohhhh.. this is great! I think I will be there tomorrow! Thanks!

    • Andy Sze

      David have you been to the Pie Hole in LA? I’ve made 3 attempts to eat their but always closed when I visit. Excited! An artisan pie place!

      • davidallen909

        I’ve been to Pie Hole once and liked it.

        • Andy Sze

          David, we finally went down to the Pie Hole this weekend and purchased 3 slices.. and it was sooo good!!!! Maple Custard pie… absolutely brilliant!!

          Pie Hole and I LIke Pie are very different styles… both are great.

          • davidallen909

            Maple custard sounds like two great tastes that would go great together!

          • Andy Sze

            The Earl Grey pie was great too. The whipped cream had this wonderful essense of tea. One of my friends bought half a maple custard pie and took it home. I’m thinking I’m gonna to have to stop by again during the next Ciclavia.

  • I’ve been here! This place is great! Also, from the Four Clefs song: “When I see your jelly roll/Then I lose my self-control…” I’d say, “Way to double-entendre, Four Clefs,” but, jeez, that’s almost a single-entendre.

    • davidallen909

      I know, that was hysterical!

  • DebB

    I decided to try I Like Pie for brunch after church today, mainly because their website said they were offering Guiness and beef pie for St. Patrick’s Day. (I have very fond memories of eating steak and ale pie in a pub in Windsor, England in 1998.) The pie was very good – if I had to make a criticism it would be that the broth was just a little too thick, not really broth at all. But the flavor was delicious and their crust was soooo good!

    So, naturally, I had to try a sweet pie, and (like you) I chose the creamy pear with honey drizzle. It was outstanding – great crust, wonderful chunks of pie, crumbly topping. As the owner says in your article, there wasn’t a bite that had only crust. I also decided to bring home a coconut cream pie and I’m sure that will be equally delicious.

    I love the concept of cupcake-sized pies. I did find it a little disconcerting that they have no menu board inside. There were not as many pies in the case as in your photo, so I’m not sure I knew what all the choices were. And It wasn’t until my beef pie was served that I was asked if I wanted salad greens with it. So an inside menu board with choices and prices would be helpful, I think.

    When I arrived there were just a couple people before me, but one of them had apparently placed a large advance order and there was some confusion over it, meaning I waited quite awhile for someone to take my order. Overall, though, it was a good experience and the pies were excellent. I’ll probably go there often (unfortunately for my waistline).

    • davidallen909

      You make a good point about the menu, or lack of same. What’s posted on the wall inside is somewhat confusing given that most of the items aren’t available at any given time.