• DebB

    A friend of mine has wondered why there’s been so much filming out in this area over the last several years. He said it cost the film company extra to bring their cast and crew out here, beyond LA. Your article answers that question, thank you!

    This is the first I’ve heard of Film Pomona. I was looking at their website and one of their services is providing local talent for background actors. Wonder if I should apply?

    • davidallen909

      Why not?

    • Richard_Pietrasz

      You never know. My next door neighbor (at the time; her sister and mother are still there) appeared in Primary Colors. I believe she was spotted as a waitress at the Brackett Field Cafe.

      Some of us are still waiting for a properly low budget filming of Pomona Queen. (A big budget film would not do this justice. Thanks DA, for pointing out the novel years ago, which I read several years later.)

      • davidallen909

        You’re welcome. I think half the people who read it hated it, but I’m glad to hear you’re part of the proper half.