Feeling out of it

There’s a billboard along the 10 Freeway in Ontario that I’ve been seeing on my drive into work, touting Ron White, who’ll be performing at Pechanga, and my question has been, who is Ron White? Is he a singer? A comedian?

This happens to all of us, of course, but in my case, I’m in tune enough that I generally know the names of people on billboards, or can guess from the name or context what they do, what type of music it is, whatever. But “Ron White,” with a photo of a fifty-something white man with a small smile? Could be a country singer.

Since I follow music very closely and didn’t recognize his name, though, my guess was he wasn’t a singer but rather a comic, which turns out to be the case, now that I’ve looked it up. According to his Wikipedia page, “White toured with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy as part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.” Those guys I’ve heard of — although they have more memorable names — which makes me wonder if White is the Jose Carreras of the bunch. (You know, the third tenor, after Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti.)

Still, on my next drive into work, I’ll know who Ron White is — and so will you, if you see one of those billboards.

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  • Ramona

    Don’t feel too badly, David. I sometimes glance at the birthdays listed in the Daily Bulletin and wonder, “Who are these people?”
    In today’s entertainment world, the only names I recognize are the one’s who appear regularly in court.

  • I borrowed the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” CD a couple of years ago from a friend and, while I’m not their target demographic—I’m more the demographic they target (see what I did there?)—some of those guys are really funny. In order of funniness, most to least: Larry the Cable Guy (really knows how to craft a joke and work a crowd), this Ron White fellow you’re writing about, Bill Engvall (creator of the “stupid sign” routine, which gets old fast), and Jeff Foxworthy, who isn’t funny at all. In fact, I made up a joke funnier than anything he said on the CD: “If you like Jeff Foxworthy’s ‘you might be a redneck” shtick… you might be a redneck.” Though I can’t be the first person ever to have made that joke.

    • davidallen909

      I saw what you did there, and liked it!

  • Gayle

    I happen to like Ron White. I find his humor ironic and not so hillbilly as Larry the Cable Guy

  • My wife and I are into Ron White, he is hilarious