Me ‘n’ Kong

Sunday’s “King Kong” screening in Pomona drew some 400 people, making it one of the better-attended movie screenings at the Fox since its 2009 reopening. Below is one of the lobby displays, a Kong figure made by a 1970s animator named David Allen. Heh. Above is a Daily Bulletin on Vacation-styled photo with a Kong arm that was likewise on display in the lobby. Kong had climbed with me to the top of the Fox tower, beat his chest, taken a swipe at the Pomona Police Department helicopter and then put me back down gently in the lobby, but alas, no cameras were present for the earlier feats.

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  • Allan Lagumbay

    To ape a musical, your post title could have been “The Kong and I” or could have introduced the program with an EA Poe classic, “The Konquerer Worm” which I’m sure would have made everyone go bananas.

    • davidallen909

      Or: “The Kong Show.”

      • John Clifford

        I vote for the Kong Show

      • Allan Lagumbay

        Without any further monkeying around, a consensus was found that The Kong Show was the most a-peeling title. Kongratulations are in order. The chest-pounding may commence.