At 20, Panda Inn gets a facelift

Ontario’s Panda Inn has been here since 1992 and recently underwent a million-dollar renovation. Friday’s column talks about the restaurant chain’s ahead-of-the-curve decision to open here and the remodel. Above, Manee Coe and Gigi Cheung flank Andrew Cherng, CEO and co-founder of Panda Restaurant Group, at the Ontario Panda Inn last week.

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  • Andy Sze

    As a CPP alumni, I can say the Cherngs have been quite generous with their donations to the Collins School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, especially with their 2.5 mil donation to expand the college. I also believe they have given .5 mil in the past as well.

    As for Panda Inn… after 3 visits to them (2X to the Ontario location in the late 90s) and once to the Horton Plaza location in San Diego a couple of years ago… what I can say about the food is that it is horrendous in that it has heavily americanized, unless they have drastically revamped their style recently.

    I think Panda Express food is actually quite better than Panda Inn food.