Peppertree Square remodel

The Peppertree Square shopping center in Claremont, which occupies the southeast corner of Indian Hill Boulevard and Arrow Highway, is undergoing a makeover. In this view looking east from Indian Hill, you can see the original look at the far right and a new roofline in various stages of completion along the rest of the center.

I don’t know much about the center but I believe the current look was installed in 1980 and that the center predates that. Can anyone fill us in on that and on past stores at that corner?

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  • Bob House

    I grew up around the corner, on College Avenue. The center originally opened while I was in high school, so early 60s. It was anchored by a TG&Y variety store, a chain I had never heard of before this center. Prior to building, it was a large vacant lot, covered in boulders with an abandoned, old wooden two-story house.

    • davidallen909

      Wow, history and prehistory! Er, not to make you feel old. Thanks for the info, Bob.

      I can also add the second-hand knowledge that there was a newsstand in the center in the 1970s that had a sign that once read Paperback. Chris Peterson has told me the B was long gone and that he and his friends would refer to the store as Paper Ack.

      • david serbin

        I remember “The Wherehouse” and another video store in the same shopping complex. The small-time grocery store has had several tenants since Safeway moved out…none of them ever were successful. There was a judo/karate studio next to the Chinese food place. CVS morphed into a Sav-On and then back into a CVS!

    • Andy Sze

      How cool a TG&Y! Fond memories of TG&Y and Newberry stores. I drove by that plaza a few weeks ago and was pleased they tore down the CVS. I’ve always thought the CVS blocked the view into the plaza and one couldn’t see the businesses inside of it. I also recall TST Onramp being one of the tennants in that plaza in the mid 90s. TST Onramp being one of the early dial up PPP internet providers.

    • Traci Sultze

      Do you remember an owls drugstore in that shopping center in the 70s?

  • DebB

    I don’t really have any memories of the shopping center, but what I do remember is the house that used to be across the street on the northeast corner. Whoever lived there in the mid-70s apparently drank a lot of beer, because the front porch was festooned with long chains of pull tabs!

    • Bob House

      I believe I once heard that Sinclair Lewis had lived in that house for a time, although probably not in the pull-tab era.

      • Bob House

        Sorry, confused my authors — the story I heard was Upton Sinclair lived there. Although I know there is an “Upton Sinclair House” in Monrovia.

  • SeeSaw

    I used to do my prescription and drug store shopping at the White Front pharmacy in Ontario at 5th and Mountain, when there was a White Front. Then White Front closed and the White Front Pharmacy moved to the block which contained K-Mart in Montclair. Then the owner of that pharmacy sold and became the pharmacist at Sav-On express, which was in the subject strip mall in Claremont. That was my pharmacy for years. Then it became CVS and closed–so I had to move to CVS in Upland which is loaded with customers who must stand in line for a half hour, sometimes, to be served. One Sunday I went in to the CVS in Upland to pick up a prescription and they had one pharmacist, filling the prescriptions, answering the phone, and working the cash register. I wonder whatever happened to all the nice people who operated the Sav-On express and then the CVS in Claremont (the people at Upland are nice too–they are just overworked). I hope they have employment somewhere. I miss my pharmacy in Claremont! That little strip mall used to have a Ranch Market which then morphed into a smaller market and eventually closed. There was a Green Burrito at the northwest corner of the lot. There was a Greek fast-food restaurant next to the drug store, and on down the line a Chinese fast food restaurant and a karate studio.

  • SeeSaw

    The yoga shop and Little Cesar’s Pizza were still operating at that site last I knew–but it was very awkward getting in and out of what parking space was left.