New name for ONT?

In an editorial Sunday advocating the long-discussed new runway be built at LAX, the L.A. Times ended by also advocating a new name for ONT:

“As for the so-called regional solution, it will at best be a supplement to a modern, efficient and safe LAX. And for goodness’ sake, before trying to do anything else with Ontario airport, change the name so unhappy passengers who get rerouted there due to heavy coastal fog will at least know they’re not being flown to a wind-swept wheat field somewhere in central Canada.”

Ha ha! Of course, perhaps the Times is bitter after last month mistakenly reporting that ONT is “30 miles west of downtown.” If they don’t know where Ontario is, then obviously no one else must, either.

The Times may not realize that ONT is officially LA/Ontario International Airport, a change made a few years back to ensure travelers know the airport is in wheat field-less Southern California.

Still, there’s always room for improvement, and I’m not going to say Ontario International Airport couldn’t benefit from a new name. Especially when throwing it open to you readers results in a blog post.

On Twitter I threw out Jack Benny International, under the assumption that if Orange County can honor John Wayne, we could do the same for a local-identified celebrity (“Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga!”). A reader came back with Ovitt Family Community Airport, adapting the Ontario library’s unwieldy moniker. Your turn!

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  • Didn’t Frank Zappa live near by once?

  • Why not Pomona Valley Airport, it is in the Pomona Valley.

  • As someone who wishes that the Angels were still the Anaheim Angels, I have no problem with our airport’s current name.

    And Los Angeles International Airport shouldn’t get high and mighty. After all, as Frank Black once noted, they have a Los Angeles in South Patagonia.

  • John Clifford

    Of course there’s the obvious, David Allen International Airport.

    Oh and by the way, we also have Bob Hope Airport locally (BUR).

    • John Clifford

      Do you think Alan Wapner might object?

  • Bob House

    Simple change: from ONT to NOT. Next we can help dim bulb travelers by changing the name of the state to the east of Arizona, so that they won’t have to say, “Wait . . . there’s a new Mexico?”

  • SeeSaw

    A newspaper like the LA Times should be ashamed to put out such a classless and stupid editorial! I knew the newspaper business was hurting, but evidently the Times can’t even afford to employ people who know anything about the area they are covering. I have never referred to the airport by any name other than “Ontario Airport” and never will. In the meantime, LA needs to get busy and upgrade the flight scheduling at “Ontario Airport”, so that it can be utilized for maximum benefit of the traveling, I.E. populace. Or, they could negotiate a fair deal with Ontario to take it over.

  • How about IEI (Inland Empire International).

  • I say roll with it — put up a banner at baggage claim that reads “Welcome to Ontario, eh! Home of the Ontario Reign Hockey Club”