With Ontario, some don’t know much about geography

An L.A. Times editorial last week said Ontario’s airport ought to be renamed, inspiring a blog post here last week. Some of your responses, as well as letters to the editor about the editorial, inspired Sunday’s column. Thanks for the help!

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  • SeeSaw

    A family member of mine had to travel to Portland on business-he lives in Claremont. The only flight he could find out of Ontario to Portland, on the major airline he was required to use, would have required him to stop over, midway, for two hours. He was forced to make arrangements out of LAX. Outrageous! It is a beautiful airport in Ontario–if the City of LA is going to own it, they should run it properly, or sell it back to the City of Ontario.
    It’s “Ontario International Airport”–simple.

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    I’m behind the times, and I don’t do Facebook, so I will post here and not the referenced column. By my map, 37 miles west of downtown LA is roughly a mile north/inland of El Pescador State Beach, at an altitude of roughly 200 meters. Whether or not that counts as in the mountains is a judgement call, and I used City Hall as downtown, and my accuracy is not perfect.

    • davidallen909

      After I’d originally guessed it would be the ocean, John Bredehoft calculated a location in the Santa Monica Mountains. I ran out of time and energy on deadline to figure out how to calculate it, so I relied on him. You might well be right.