Rancho Cucamonga was in the house — the White House, that is


A group representing the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library picked up an award at the White House from Michelle Obama last week. Exciting, eh? My column has the details. Above, parent Christine DeVries, library director Robert Karatsu and the wife of the

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  • Great story! Yay, libraries!

  • StupidHappyIdiot

    Anyone else remember how for a couple of days last year, to avoid closure, the Pomona Public Library was going to be a branch of Rancho Cucamonga according to city manager Lowry? http://www.dailybulletin.com/ci_20940766/pomona-council-approves-budget and this one: http://www.dailybulletin.com/ci_20943602/library-rescue-nobodys-same-page

    Yay, libraries!

  • SeeSaw

    Did RC hold a contest to determine who would represent it as the sample library patron? Who covered the expenses of the trip for the sample library family? Did the four RC reps draw straws to determine which two of them got to go up and have their picture moment with the first lady?

    • davidallen909

      1. I don’t know. They had to pick somebody; the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which gave the award, insisted that a patron of each honored institution attend, to personalize the impact.

      2. I don’t know and should have asked. I’ll guess the IMLS picked up the trip. RC isn’t in the habit of sending taxpayers on junkets.

      3. In each instance, the patron and the head of the institution claimed the award. It’d be a little strange if the assistant director and the councilwoman claimed it, wouldn’t it?

      is there something fishy regarding the parent in question? That’s what you seem to be implying. I’d never heard of her before.

      • SeeSaw

        Oh, no! Parenting triplets by taking them to the library, should deserve an award in itself. I was just wondering about those logistics. (I vaguely recall my own grandson being designated as a school rep to DC by his teacher. He was an outstanding student–but to accept the honor, his parents had to be able to foot the $2,000 tab.) If I were one of the four, I would not have been happy to have been excluded from the ritual–meeting Michelle Obama would rank pretty high on my list.

  • Robert Karatsu

    Let me step in here and clarify a few things. First of all, thanks David for a nice article; it really did capture our time in DC and meeting the First Lady.

    As far as the triplets (and their mother Christine), the IMLS asked all National Medal recipients to submit two or three people in their community whose lives have been impacted by their Medal-winning institution. In our case, the triplets definitely had a great story in that they were (almost literally) raised and educated in our Libraries.

    For receiving the award, this was designated by the IMLS that the institution’s director and the community member would accept the award from Mrs. Obama. (But to be honest, even if this was not stipulated by the IMLS, security would have had to have restrained me from being one of the people from Rancho to do this!)

    As far as travel expenses (air, federal per diem and hotel for two days), for the community member and myself, this was covered by the IMLS. In addition to this, there was a stipend from the IMLS to cover travel expenses for the triplets and the rest of the Rancho contingent. (What wasn’t covered was paid out of pocket by either our community member or the Rancho contingent.)

    Please feel free to get back to me if you have any other questions about this. (I’m not too hard to find. And if you do find me, I may make you look at some more photos from the White House! :] )

    Robert Karatsu
    Library Director
    Rancho Cucamonga Public Library

    • davidallen909

      Thanks for the added info, Robert. And too bad security didn’t have to restrain you from taking the stage — that would’ve made a better story!

  • SeeSaw

    Love it!