Restaurant merry-go-round

• Oporto Chicken outlets in Rancho Cucamonga, Glendora and Ontario, the first three in the United States for an Australian fast-food chain, are now known as Feisty Chicken, a locally owned concept. Break it gently to Crococile Dundee.

• The EZ Take Out Burger at Foothill and Central in Upland will become Ramiro’s Mexican Food No. 2.

• LYL Garden in Claremont, the Chinese restaurant that replaced China Star in 2009, has become a Casa Jimenez.

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  • Eric S.

    The Harry’s Pacific Grill in Rancho is going to be a Slater’s 50/50 (yum!)…a place that specializes in crazy burgers that are made of patties made of half bacon, half beef!

    • davidallen909

      Say, that’s great news. I’ve heard of that but haven’t been to one. Drove past the other day and noticed work being done to the exterior and made a mental note to look into it, but hadn’t done so.

  • Ramona

    The Oporto in RC posted a sign saying just, “Feisty Chicken”. What the heck does that mean? I’ve known a few chickens in my day but none of them could be described as “feisty” I had to Google the words to discover it was an eatery. I’ll leave it to you to sample the fare and let us know if it is, indeed, “feisty”.

    • davidallen909

      They brag about their sauce being zesty, which I guess is where the feistiness comes in. The chickens obviously weren’t feisty enough to avoid being slaughtered!