Slater’s 50/50 coming to Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga is getting its first gastropub, and it’s a hot name. Slater’s 50/50 is a small chain that began in Anaheim Hills in 2009 and has expanded to four other locations with its beer (100 craft and local beers on tap) and burgers that are half beef, half bacon. Haven’t had one, but it sounds interesting, and Slater’s has won a bunch of “best burger” honors.

Now one is coming to the former Harry’s Pacific Grill building on Day Creek Boulevard on the edge of Victoria Gardens. “This summer,” Slater’s website says.

Btw, my Restaurant of the Week feature will return next Friday.

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  • DebB

    Glad to hear the Restaurant of the Week is returning. I haven’t known where to eat for the past couple weeks!

    • davidallen909

      Poor thing.

  • Andy Sze

    Does this mean we are getting a non-chain restaurant or does this mean that Slater’s is now a full fledged chain restaurant cause cucamonga only has chains? Walking by the Slaters in Pasadena and seeing how incredibly busy it is inside and how hip the ppl inside look, one thinks that I really should be inside instead of outside. I think slaters is mostly a burger joint just looking at the menu. The Salted Pig in riverside, I would call that a Gastropub. none the less, great new David Allen!

    • davidallen909

      I’d say it’s a chain, thus keeping Rancho’s all-chain reputation safe! You might be right about the gastropub angle; a friend made that observation (Wendy Leung, to name names). Is there an accepted definition of gastropub? Btw, have you been to the Back Abbey in Claremont? That’s for sure a gastropub.

  • Andy Sze

    I hope we will see some of the local beers showing up on the menu here!

  • I was sad to see Harry’s leave but Slater’s will do well there, I think. I always wondered why there wasn’t a place to get good beer apart from Yardhouse at Vicky G’s or anywhere in the city for that matter. With the success of Eureka and Back Abbey, you’d think there’d be a counter part on the east side of the Inland Valley.

    • Andy Sze

      I’m hoping with Slater there might be some other craft / artisan eateries that will open up here. However, I don’t think the demographic on this side of the IE will support it. Ppl in Cucamonga are chain store bedroom community suburbanites. I’ve got 6 coworkers that live here, and some of them for 10 yrs plus, but they seemingly don’t really know cucamonga at all. They just know how to drive home from work and visit the Applebees on the weekend. When I talk to them about stuff that happens in the city, it’s all crickets chirping in the background.

    • Andy Sze

      here’s a thought, ppl in the IE will drive to LA, Pasadena, OC to visit a restaurant. Are ppl willing to do a reverse commute to the IE to eat at killer bakery? A high end coffee shop? an amazing ethnic restaurant? heck no. cause none of them exist. Slater’s is a creation from out West opening a branch in the East so there’s no point in coming out to the IE. However, if IE had its own original unique eateries, would they come out to IE? Or would they expand into LA before ppl in LA would come here?

      • davidallen909

        Back Abbey and Union on Yale, both in Claremont, have gained a small reputation, but even they’re pretty obscure. There is one example coming of a reverse migration: Claremont’s Cheese Cave shop is opening one in the Grand Central Market in downtown LA later this summer.

  • Matt W


  • Benjamin Romero

    Slater’s sucks rather got to the Back Abbey or the Salted Pig.