Downtown Ontario stars in Verizon commercial

This commercial was filmed at B and Laurel streets in downtown Ontario. The bicycle shop isn’t real, but the antique store is. Nice to see a lot of people downtown, even if that aspect is fictional too.

* Sunday’s column begins with an item about the commercial, followed by more news from around the valley.

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  • SeeSaw

    I bet the telephone company building on D St. is a Verizon building–Verizon probably needed an uncrowded place to film at as low a cost as possible. Our economy needs all the help it can get. I hope the owner of the candy shop gets some type of cut. I haven’t viewed the video yet, but will.

    David, did you read the interview with William Friedkin in the Times about a month ago? He was talking about how, years ago, he and his film crews would just go to the place they wanted to film and set up shop. He said an official appeared one time where he filming and asked, “What are you doing”? He replied, in so many words, “We’re making a movie. We’ll be out of here soon”. As I recall (faintly) , he wasn’t describing locations like the one here–it was like crowded streets or highways. Doesn’t that boggle the mind a little?

    Regarding your driver test: I just walked into the RC location last December. It took three hours, from the time I walked in until I walked out, but it gave me time to read and relax while I was waiting. I have had to take the written test the last three times, which is a span of 15 years, so I think age has something to do with that requirement. As of my last knowledge about senior-citizen drivers in CA–there were 13 licensed drivers in CA over age 100–the oldest was 106. I am privileged to know a lady who will soon be 101, who is a licensed driver and still doing volunteer work in Montclair.

    • davidallen909

      Some of Midnight Cowboy was shot on the fly on the streets of NYC. The famous moment when Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight are crossing a street, a car pulls too far into the crosswalk, Hoffman (in character) slaps the hood and shouts at the driver, “I’m walkin’ here!” was just a happy circumstance. It was a real car, a real driver, real pedestrians.

      Age was my guess as to why those two readers had to take a written test and I didn’t. I’m sure my time will come. And yes, there’s a Verizon building in downtown Ontario.