Restaurant of the Week: Tummy Stuffer

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Tummy Stuffer, 5530 Schaefer Ave. (at 12th St.), Chino

Feeling the need to boost my Chino restaurant totals, I went searching on Yelp for sandwich places in that city. When I found one with the colorful name Tummy Stuffer, my next lunch choice was obvious. I left my desk so fast my chair was probably gently spinning for a full minute afterward.

Its slogan is “101 Sandwiches!,” and it’s apparently connected to another location of the same name and slogan in Anaheim. The Chino location is in a strip center with automotive businesses, next door to a Korean church. The interior is short on charm, with acoustical tile ceiling, tile floor and fluorescent lighting, but I was there for a sandwich, and with 101, I had plenty of choices.

I went for a Korean BBQ, the 8-inch ($6.59) version (the 12-inch is $8). It’s marinated sliced beef on a french roll with lettuce, onion and pickles. I prefer the KBBQ at Corner Deli in Ontario, the crucial difference being Corner Deli’s slaw, but the Tummy Stuffer one was credible, not to mention edible, and the 8-inch, along with a basket of crinkle fries, was sufficient to stuff my tummy.

The sandwich isn’t even technically on the menu, which has various, numbered turkey, ham, roast beef, salami, tuna salad, bacon, club, vegetarian, egg salad, steak, meatball, sausage and pastrami sandwiches, as well as hamburgers, teriyaki bowls and a few salads. The menu lists 114 sandwiches. The KBBQ isn’t among them and neither was another on the specials board, a shrimp sub.

I guess the menu is stuffed too.

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