No column (sigh)

Our newspaper chain’s “content management system” was offline Thursday, and virtually offline Wednesday, which made producing the last two issues a challenge. It doesn’t seem to be back up today.

I had an items column more than half-written prior to all that, but I couldn’t access it, nor did I think I could recreate it from memory and scattered notes. Thus, no column today. It was all the editors could do to get a newspaper out, so my column’s absence wasn’t an issue. An editor managed to infiltrate the system and retrieve that column yesterday afternoon, after my deadline, as well as my draft of Sunday’s column, and emailed them to me.

It’s enough to make you wonder if we wouldn’t be better off returning to the typewriter era, when all reporters had to worry about was typewriter ribbons and correction fluid. (And their livers and lungs.)

I busied myself Wednesday writing blog posts ahead, and on Thursday by writing items on my desktop and replying to emails. In a way, I’m now a little ahead for a change, even though in another way I feel behind.

So, sorry for missing a day, and cross your fingers for Sunday’s column.

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  • Ramona

    I kinda like the way the DB has looked the last couple of days except I’m not willing to sacrifice your column to the old look.

    Typewriter ribbons, Wite-Out, jammed keys, changeable font wheels on the IBM Selectric. Gosh, I’m old. But the work got out ’cause the fix was easy.

    When computers were first introduced we had a running joke in our office:

    You always knew when a salesman (or blonde) had been using the computer. There was Wite-Out on the screen.

    • davidallen909

      Today (Sunday) you have the old look, in part, AND my column. Best of both worlds? They even, out of necessity, used my old column photo, which I prefer.

  • Linda Qbq Russell

    Well, I miss your column, but they did a great job of getting the paper out despite their technical difficulties. I for one, really appreciate it. I start every day by reading the paper with my breakfast. People always ask me how I find out about all the cool stuff happening in the west end. I tell them I read it in the IV Daily bulletin and It’s true! Sure hope you’re back on Sunday. David Allen.

    • davidallen909

      These days, anyone can come across as someone with insider knowledge, when all you’ve done is pick up a newspaper. Good for you for still doing so.

      It’s a testament to ingenuity and hard work that we were still able to publish Friday, and on similar occasions a time or two previously in recent years. Our staff is more reliable than our equipment sometimes.

      And yes, as you’ve no doubt seen by now, my column is back on schedule.