Fireworks and family

Fairplex has offered me a family package (admission for four, $60 value) for its Kaboom! fireworks show, which you won’t be surprised to learn is July 4, to be given to readers in whatever fashion I choose. “The evening features monster trucks and motocross stunts as well as one of the largest fireworks displays in California,” says Heather Tanji, communications associate.

Rather than ask you to be the seventh caller to my blog, let’s do it like this: Share a favorite memory of fireworks shows past, from whatever venue, state or time of life you wish. Best story (at my discretion) gets the package. A winner will be named Friday morning.

This is new to me, too, so we’ll see if this idea goes well or goes Kaboom! Above is a 1:28 video from the 2007 show.

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  • John Clifford

    My favorite is one I just saw last Saturday. The Hollywood Bowl’s opening program was their Hall of Fame awards which included Patti Austin, introduced by Arsenio Hall; John Legend, introduced by Stevie Wonder; and Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, introduced by Peter Fonda. There were some misc. fireworks during some of the acts, but the finale had Tyler and Perry (no, not Tyler Perry), rocking out with some of the best pyrotechnics I’ve ever seen.

    Leaving the bowl, we were behind some of the fireworks crew and the leader was complaining to his young assistants that “They didn’t play it the way they did in rehearsal,” and general complaints about doing live stuff at the Bowl. Regardless, it was a great fireworks show.

    Sorry, can’t use the Kaboom tickets as we’ve got family obligations, but hope someone enjoys them.

    • davidallen909

      John, thanks for the comment about fireworks. It was sparkling. Glad you had a good show.

  • DebB

    I can’t believe you haven’t gotten any takers! If I was going to be in town, I’d make a bid for them. On the other hand, when I am in town, I can go out in my backyard and watch the aerial part of Fairplex’s fireworks show. I just have to be careful about the skunks wandering around my neighborhood!

    • davidallen909

      Apparently there’s a reason I haven’t done a giveaway before!

    • John Clifford

      Yes, but someone should take this kind offer. The bar for comments has been st low enough.

      • davidallen909

        I know, it was embarrassing. I was beginning to think I couldn’t give these tickets away (which was the whole point). Finally (see above), someone actually seemed to want them, and as far as I’m concerned will get them.

  • Nancy Matarrita

    I’ll take a crack it, because i love the crack of fireworks in the sky!
    The most memorable time I had at a Fireworks show was at the Kaboom show
    several years back when my daughter was Miss Pomona and she was going
    to judge the monster truck and motorcycle show. We parked our car and
    went to the gate to go in, but there were not enough tickets for
    everybody in our group to go in because it was sold out! So, those of us
    left outside the gate went back to our cars and enjoyed the roar of the
    crowds for the truck and motorcycle shows and then watched the
    Fireworks from the comfort of our front seats and hoods of our cars.
    Well, we figured we paid plenty for the parking, might as well use it to
    see the fireworks as close as we could. It sure beat sitting in the
    parking lot of the abandoned Long John’s Silver like other years past!

    • davidallen909

      Nancy, as the first and only person to comment and to actually have use for the tickets, you are the winner. How hard was that?

      Email me with your phone number and mailing address, please, so I can forward it to Fairplex, which has the prize package. Thanks for commenting.

      This year you shouldn’t have to worry about watching the show from your car — even if doing so did make for a memorable show.