Metrolink’s $10 transit pass undergoes transition

Metrolink’s Weekend Pass is now a Weekend Day Pass, good for one day, not two. This won’t shake up too many of you, even Weekend Pass buyers, because few people used the pass both days. I generally did. Friday’s column explains the change and recounts my last hurrah with the two-day pass last weekend.

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  • DebB

    I have to admire you – a very busy schedule on an absurdly hot weekend that had me prostrate on the sofa most of the time.

    I always weep at Casablanca, and a good many other movies, too. In some cases, the more I weep, the more I like the movie!

    • davidallen909

      I also laugh at the jokes in Casablanca despite having heard them before. “Are my eyes really brown?” for example, and the exchange “What watch?” “Ten watch.” “Such much!”

  • SAWZ

    The weekend, one-day pass is still a good deal and won’t affect many, because most people don’t have the energy to go all weekend like you did. However, that is why I question the wisdom of Metrolink in making this change–its not going to increase its revenue stream that much, so why would they mess with the people like you who used the pass to its full potential?
    There is a new experience available at the music center this Saturday night. The Los Angeles Ballet is going to perform at Grand Park under the stars at 7:30 p.m. People are encouraged to bring picnic dinners and spread a blanket. I love ballet so much that I think it is worth a look-see, although I won’t do the picnic–guess I will have to sit on the blanket, because it is too cumbersome to take a lawn chair on Metrolink. Dinner will be at Phillippe first–I just hope the Dodgers are not at home, or Phillippe will be a madhouse. Another question is going to be about how much time we will have to kill between the conclusion of the Ballet show and the 11:30 train home. We really could use a 10:00 p.m. there, because the 9:00 p.m. won’t work–I don’t want much, do I?
    In the meantime there will also be performances down Grand at the Cal-Plaza Watercourt. You have never mentioned seeing a show at the Watercourt David. If you have not, you are missing something.
    Another thing I am going to try this summer, is the outdoor dance instruction at the Music Center. We are so fortunate on the San Bernardino Line to have these late train schedules–those too, may be in future jeopardy if people don’t take advantage.
    I also weep–the movie could be a hundred years old, but they don’t come along like Bogey anymore.

    • davidallen909

      I left this out of my column for space reasons, but Metrolink does think they’ll net another $600,000 from the change, which must mean they expect to sell 60,000 more $10 passes over the next year. I’m probably good for 8 or 10.

      I saw Charles Phoenix perform at the Watercourt two or three summers ago. That’s the only time I’ve been, but it was a pleasant experience.

      Metrolink hasn’t added trains to the schedule for a while, since adding 11 p.m. trains, but they’re absorbing a lot of costs with replacing rail cars. At some point we can hope they’ll fill in a few gaps in the schedule when there’s two or three hours between trains.

    • Andy Sze

      9 pm to 11:30 is quite a stretch. there have been times where I barely missed the 9pm and had to stretch it out another 2.5 hours. However, DTLA is quite livelier now than it was a few years ago. Walk around J-town. Get a beer or two and some sausage at Wurkusche… stop by the Edison downtown… I think I might go on Sat night.. thanks SAWZ!

      • davidallen909

        9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Saturdays without a train is an hour shorter than 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays. That’s a long time to kill. But a last train at 9 is preferable to a last train at 7, the previous time.

  • Andrew

    Even though we don’t take train for two days on the weekend, we still might take buses with the weekend pass. After they changed the pass to be one day instead of two days, we will have one less day of free bus ride with the pass.

    One day that I hate about buying metrolink tickets is we cannot buy either the seven day pass or the weekend day pass for a future day. I take bus to Los Angeles Union Station and without the possibility to buy a future day pass, I needed to pay for the bus to get to the union station first and hope that the line is not too long each time I needed to buy a ticket.