What’s funny in Upland? The money

While little of consequence occurred at Monday’s Upland City Council meeting, that’s not the sort of thing to deter me. Ice cream trucks, cat hoarders and the alleged offer of millions of dollars by a rich, if possibly nonexistent, Indonesian spiritual leader all came up during public comment. And then there was my pre-meeting research into the Upland of 1960.

You can read my column here. And after that description, why wouldn’t you?

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  • Bob Terry

    It seems to be that this Jerry Vincent from Apple Valley is just a shill sent by Mr. Kruger to solicit funds for a legitimate and upstanding charity…The World Fund! You can put me down for $20,000.

  • Allan

    If you’d been going through the early section of 1960, Pomona entries would include:

    1.16.60: Direct Distance Dialing Slated Soon Every Telephone Number in U. S. Available. Ten digit dialing will be available in Pomona in September.

    1.21.60: Librarian seeks new material for local history collection. Interest in project increasing daily.

    Aaand 3.17.60: Pomona Library gets genealogical book gifts. I can verify that the donated genealogy titles did not include “Who’s Your Daddy?” and “Yo Momma”

    • davidallen909

      Interest in your local history collection was increasing daily, peaked, and then declined. But will pick up again!