Valiantly vamping for votes

slaters dominic 005

He’s running for Assembly in the June 23 special election primary, and Paul Vincent Avila, who was elected to the Ontario City Council in 2012 without a campaign, this time is springing for signs.

“Valiant Vietnam Veteran,” they say, somewhat poetically. Note that the one on the right says he’s running for Assembly while the other doesn’t mention an office, thereby allowing the perennial candidate for everything to reuse them for his next campaign, which may begin any day now.

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  • mmunson

    At least I run once a decade instead of perpetually. I ran for State Assembly in 2002. I will likely run in 2014 for an office.

  • Josh Bowman

    I was more floored that he was able to win a council race without a single campaign sign, mailer, or at least physical door to door walk. Ballot placement and name recognition sometimes pays off. I’ve been campaigning with my Dad since I was in High School…it’s rigorous, but shows a lot of integrity to the public perspective that you are willing to come to them for support.