Thai royalty lived like princes in La Verne

elvis_presley_the_king_and_queen_of_thailand3Above, Elvis Presley meets the queen and king of Thailand in 1960 during the filming of “G.I. Blues.”

The king and queen of Thailand visited the United States in 1960, a vacation that began with a week seeing the sights in Southern California before turning into an official state visit. They flew into Ontario International Airport and stayed, believe it or not, at a private residence in La Verne, with much of their retinue lodging at the Uplander motel in Upland. The story is in my Wednesday column.

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  • DebB

    Recently, on his blog, a friend of mine said “blogs are dying.” I really hope you will keep yours alive for a long time – I really enjoy your stories and columns, and I learn a lot. This area has an even richer history than I realized, and you tell it so well!

    • davidallen909

      Thanks, Deb. I hope to, it’s a useful adjunct to my column, but the decline in comments has me puzzled, and I feel like fewer readers are finding my posts via Google searches. I appreciate your diligence!

      • Doug Evans

        Seconding Deb’s comment!! This blog is definitely one of the first things I check out every day. Future Inland Empire historians will look at the archived David Allen blog posts to figure out what what going on in the 909 during this heady point in time. They’ll be checking it out on the molecula-net or something. (I have no idea what that means but I want to sound future-y.)

        • Doug Evans

          Oh, also: Thai royalty in the Inland Empire! Cool! (Felt like I should have said something about that.)

      • Ramona

        I’m here, David, even if I don’t comment. I’m sure I’m not the only one who reads the blog daily without commenting because there is nothing we could add. Believe me, I’ll chime in when I feel the urge.

      • Bob House

        I echo all comments here. Also, sending second notice that you have a book just waiting to happen in a compilation of your Inland Empire history/culture posts.