‘Inherent Vice’ filming pops up in Pomona

Sunday’s items column begins with word that a scene for Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest movie was recently filmed in downtown Pomona. It’s based on a Thomas Pynchon novel. A video by Pomona’s Ren of the shoot shows how rain effects are created on a sunny day.

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  • Doug Evans

    I’ve started that book twice but never finished it… Maybe knowing that a movie is coming will give me the motivation to finally finish it up. (Nothing wrong with the book… I had it as a library book both times, and I kept having to return it before making it all the way through. It’s always bothered me that I’ve never gone back to it.) Cool secrets-of-Hollywood making-fake-rain video!

  • SAWZ

    It was the, “Paradise Restaurant”, and it certainly wasn’t helped by the City of Montclair giving a CUP to the, “Paradise Buffet”–how much trouble would it have been to require the new buffet to have a different name! The names of the two restaurants, only about a half mile apart, caused confusion for diners unfamiliar to Montclair, if they were coming to meeting and get-togethers. Unfortunately, the residents of Montclair have not been willing to give either of the last two establishments in that building a chance to succeed by giving them some business. The “Café Montclair” was fine dining–very good, with good staff; and the “Paradise Restaurant” was an eatery with good bang for the buck–four courses for under $10. I always had the chicken-fried steak which was as good as that particular dish at any restaurant, with good cream gravy; their soups were delicious. It also had a terrific staff. Before opening, a fortune was spent redoing the interior. It is quite a loss for Montclair, although those whose loss it is will never know it, because they never tried it. They can go on paying $10+ for one course at any of the many chain restaurants in town or stuffing themselves for twice the cost at the other same-name buffet. I’m so sorry, “Paradise Restaurant”! They know not what they do. Now we can look forward to probably another coin laundry or dollar store.

    • davidallen909

      If you’re looking for chicken fried steak, I’m told the one at Rabi’s in Upland (Central below Foothill) is top-notch. I’ve had it and liked it, but I’m not a chicken fried steak connoisseur.

      • SAWZ

        That was just the one entre’ at PR that hit the spot for me. Then they also had salad with choice of dressing, a different soup every day, the entre’ and ice cream or pudding for dessert–$7.95 total. Their soups were delicious and they did very delicious carrots on the side. I don’t need any more CFS–just sorry that my business wasn’t enough to help that restaurant. It deserved better from the prospective clientele in Montclair.