How to comment

When the matter of the reduced number of comments on this blog came up, many of you regulars responded, and thank you for that. And nobody should feel obligated to comment if they have nothing to say. Comments are, of course, encouraged, and encouraging.

Reader Denise Pappas responded on Facebook: “On your blog you said that ‘the decline in comments has me puzzled.’ It could be that the change in format has some of US puzzled. As soon as I figure out HOW to post — someone changes the format. LOL, Perhaps you could post some lessons for those of us who are computer challenged.”

She added: “You have to sign in with ‘Disqus.’ When I was your age a ‘discus’ was something an athlete threw.”

Disqus, unlike our old system, doesn’t require you to decipher and type in a Captcha code to leave a comment, only to create a name and log-in. Which might be a bridge too far for some, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable, and it does weed out almost all the spam.

But! You don’t have to sign in with Disqus. For instance, if you’re on Facebook, like Pappas, you can use that. Reader Doug Evans does. He explains:

“I type my comment first and then click on the Facebook logo” in the string of tiny logos under each post. “A box opens up, I enter my my fb email and password, and then I’m taken back to the blog page, where a button has appeared: ‘Post as Doug Evans.'”

Clear? Or clearer, at least? Since we know you’re on FB, Denise, there goes your excuse for not commenting here. One can also sign in via Twitter, Pinterest and a few more social media options that appear in that string.

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  • Denise Pappas

    Testing…testing…thank you Doug Evans for very clear directions (although Disqus refused to load on AOL).

    • davidallen909

      It was so satisfying to check this page and see that you’d commented, Denise, without me having to prompt you. Thanks! Hope to see you here again.

      • Denise Pappas

        Now that I’ve found my voice again, is it too late to say-Yes, I’d love to hear about your vacation. LOL

        • davidallen909

          Ha ha. Better wait for the next vacation, Denise.

    • Doug Evans

      You’re welcome, Denise! Glad to be of service! 🙂

  • Ramona

    As you have probably noticed, I have no trouble commenting. I use Discus since I am one of the dinosaurs who shun Facebook. With good reason, I might add but that’s a tale for another day. Just to stay in character I also have “No interest in Pinterest” or Twitter.

    I’m especially glad not to have to struggle with the Capcha codes so it’s Discus for me all the way here and on a couple of other blogs that I comment on.

    Glad to have the choice.

    • davidallen909

      I’m glad some have tried Disqus and embraced it. But, there are options…

  • Theodore Melendez

    I bet I could pick up some stationary and find a stamp if they still exist and shoot Mr. Allen a letter. Or there’s a wonderful dying invention Voicemail

    • davidallen909

      Both are still accepted.

    • SAWZ

      Your comment reminds me of a former encounter I had at Olvera St. with Kent Shockneck, when the celebs from the, then, Channel 4 News were doing their sponsorship duties for Cinco de Mayo. I walked up to his booth and focused my camera oh him, asking, “May I shoot?”. He replied, “Yes, but please don’t put it that way!.”

  • James