Attempted interview

interviewAt Fairplex last Thursday for a Cub Scout tour of the RailGiants Train Museum, I tried interviewing Gerhard Kramer’s 7-year-old son, Elijah, with spotty results, even with dad’s help. “I liked it” was Elijah’s most pithy remark, but my attempts to get him to elaborate failed, hilariously.

Trying to keep a child’s attention and elicit a comment is among journalists’ most difficult tasks. Someone captured the moment and Kramer forwarded the photo. He commiserated: “Eventually you’ll get the hang of interviewing!” Yes, eventually.

A column on the exhibit is forthcoming next month.

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  • DebB

    Sometimes kids say the darndest things, and sometimes it’s darn impossible to get them to say anything! It’s pretty cool climbing all over those trains, isn’t it? I can hear the whistle from my house, although it always reminds me of a boat horn, for some reason.

    • davidallen909

      The kids kept pulling the cord for the trains’ whistles, over and over and over, long pulls, until some of your neighbors complained!

      • DebB

        It must get pretty loud for those houses over on McKinley, but I’m far enough away that it doesn’t really bother me. I can imagine a whole troop of scouts, each one wanting his own pull!

  • Gerhard Krämer

    In defense of the Cub Scouts there were 25 of them, and 6 or 7 trains… so each train, each boy… would make a wonderful song. … And the volunteer guides encouraged them to try them all.

  • valerie marrs

    You should know by now that kids and high school jocks are the worst possible interviewees

    • davidallen909

      Believe me, I know! I’ve never gotten the hang of interviewing kids.