Tony’s sandwich shop has survived a few dips

pocketpark tony's 009

Wednesday’s column is on Tony’s French Dips in Pomona. It was the subject of a Restaurant of the Week post here in June, with a writeup and photos, which you can read here. Above, from left, Cedric Elias, Angie Campos, Raymond Gordon and Robert Nabarrete.

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  • Bob Terry

    It wasn’t just the Loud’s workers and occasional GD guys that kept Tony;s going, but it was alot of dedicated Pomona Tile employees who spent their hard earned money there. When we didn’t have any extra money it was Tastee Freeze for my father’s lunch that my mother and I would deliver to him when I was out of school. I am very glad that childhood friends of mine, Cedric and Diane, have kept this place alive.

    • davidallen909

      Ooh, I’d have mentioned Pomona Tile if I’d have known.

  • John Morris

    I was introduced to Tony’s in the late 1970’s. I was working in an office in Pomona and a couple of co-workers invited me to join them for lunch (I was new in town). As it happened one of the co-workers was named Tony. Once we got in the car I asked where we were headed for lunch. The other co-worker said “Oh, we’re headed to Tony’s”. Oh, I thought, are we going to his house? Maybe his wife fixes lunch, have I gotton myself in in a potentially awkward situation?
    A couple of minutes later we arrived at “Tony’s French Dips” and I was relieved. It was my introduction to “Tony’s” and I had a great lunch.

    • davidallen909

      That’s a funny story, John, thanks. Wouldn’t it have been interesting if you’d gone to your co-worker’s house and his wife made french dips in her kitchen for the crew? With a slicer and everything?