Gone but (shudder) not forgotten

Big Boy 020I don’t know what they sold in this store on Monte Vista Avenue in Montclair, probably wigs, but the name and logo always creeped me out when I’d drive by, making me think of, oh, I dunno, dolls with human hair that might come to life and strangle you in your sleep, while looking perky and innocent when found over your bruised corpse.

Now that the store is out of business, I thought I’d memorialize it before the sign is plucked.


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  • Ramona

    Gosh, thanks for this, David.

    I’d hate to miss the opportunity to go, “Eeeewwww!” on such a nice Saturday morning.

    Wonder who thought that was a great name for a store.

    • davidallen909

      Someone who should not be in the store-naming line of work!

  • Tab Bott

    While the naming of a store “BABY DOLL HUMAN HAIR” may, to the casual observer, appear to be a Hair-Brained idea. I suspect that it was named by a person of foreign decent who may not have a firm grasp on the English language (I don’t, and have been here for well over 60 years).
    Possibly, the shopkeeper meant the signage to read: “BABY DOLE HUMAN HARE”. The shop most likely a was an exotic pet store, which sold genetically engineered rabbits. The sign simply described the creatures that were sold inside. I conject  that the bio-bunny was created using DNA from a former politician and a large rabbit. All of these beings were named Bob, and they were visible only to their owners. 
    I hope that this clears things up for you.

    • davidallen909

      Clear as mud, Tab, thanks. But are you sure it wasn’t meant to be Blabby Doll Hunan Hare, where you could eat rabbit prepared in the style of the Chinese province Hunan, while seated near Chatty Cathy dolls?

  • Allan

    “Creepy Doll” music video: http://youtu.be/sgfklKnOg4w

  • Joanne Dallas

    I remember the sign saying Indian Human Hair some months back. I could see pony tails of hair hanging on the walls and even a clerk one time. No customers. It gave me something to ponder while waiting for the light to change.

    • Tab Bott

      That’s really scary, you actually saw a clerk hanging on the wall! Hopefully, you called 911 immediately.

  • Joanne Dallas

    Oops. The clerk was standing near the wall from which the hair hung. I hope she had a book to read.

  • DebB

    According to their website, Baby Doll offers “…Indian hair straight from the donors in India” for hair weaves. I’m picturing thousands of short-haired women all over India, sacrificing their tresses for the women of America.

    • davidallen909