dailybulletin.com getting update

Look at the Daily Bulletin’s website (if your eyeballs can stand it) for one last view of the old, outdated and cluttered format. They tell us that on Thursday, the site’s redesign will debut.

The preview I’ve seen looks like a vast improvement, and the home page has about 90 percent fewer headlines/links. It should be easier to find, or stumble upon, my columns. All the papers in our chain are supposed to be getting the redesign simultaneously.

Feel free to comment here on the old and new designs and their functionality.

* Head fake! At 5:30 p.m. Wednesday they announced the launch has been postponed to next Tuesday. Plenty more time to gaze lovingly, or in horror, at our website.

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  • Bob House

    Perfect opportunity to ask a newspaper website question that has puzzled me for some time. On the DB site, LA Times’ and many others, the same headline/article often appears two or more times close to each other, sometimes directly adjacent. It never happens in the print edition. Is it just a function of software placing the info and no editing?

    • davidallen909

      I know in our case that’s sometimes due to breaking news stories being updated and a separate file being created. That looks like a mistake but may not be. If it’s not breaking news, then duplication is definitely a mistake.

      While everyone’s hands are on the website in some fashion, we have a small staff and no one is full-time watchdogging it for issues like that.

  • Photodude719

    They ought to look at the Claremont Courier website. It’s clean and easy to read.

    • davidallen909

      The Courier does have a clean site. Our redesign was done at a national level for our entire chain. I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the result.

  • Andy Sze

    David is there anything in the works for a mobile edition of the ivdb? I finally got a smart phone and went to DL the app only to find there is no mobile subscription service.

    • davidallen909

      We have a mobile app and reading stories is free. Is that the app you want, or do you have that and want something more extensive that we would charge for?

      • Andy Sze

        I have the mobile app. I was under the impression that I could do a subscription to get full coverage on a phone or tablet but it turns out its only limited free stuff on the app. With today’s lifestyles it doesn’t make sense to get the e subscription and be tied down to the computer. People read from phones when they have a few mins here and there.

      • Andy Sze

        I would love to pay for a mobile subscription, but it’s not offered. I’ve tried the e subscription in the past but it’s interface is old and clunky and ties me down to either the work computer or my home computer. Jeff bezos will be knocking on the door soon