For Upland’s council, the cry is ‘Forward into the past!’

The Upland City Council is a little behind in dealing with the budget and the Lemon Festival, but the alleged time machine at the public library may explain that. So may Wednesday’s column.

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  • DebB

    My first look at the new IVDB site. As a designer, for my taste there is still too much stuff all over the place, moving, intruding on the margins, on the bottom of the screen. It takes me awhile to load. And it looks like so many other news sites – good for corporate consistency, not for artistic individuality (I know – that’s not what you’re going for). But the main body of the page is clean and easy to read, and looks more contemporary. Overall, for a news site, pretty decent.

    • davidallen909

      Thanks for your observations, Deb.

  • Doug Evans

    Love the Doctor Who shout-out in the middle of the column! A lesser columnist might have gone with Bill and Ted when talking about a time-traveling phone booth. You are not that lesser columnist!

    (And now allow me to politely correct your “Dr. Who” to “Doctor Who…” Always written out. Just doing my part to up your nerd cred!)

    • davidallen909

      Hey, up your nerd cred!! Oh, wait, I get it. Thanks for the polite correction, Doug.

      A Bill and Ted reference would have been less cool, but more local, since they were from San Dimas…