Hyperloop: Worth the hype? Time-traveling columnist screams ‘yes’

In the silliest column I’ve written in ages, I travel in time to the year 2028 to report on the Hyperloop, the pneumatic tube transport device that was in the news last week. Read my exclusive here.

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  • Bob House

    Great column plus correct use of champing and gantlet — nice trifecta!

    • davidallen909

      I was a little worried a copy editor would “correct” my spelling.

  • Joey Catuara

    Suspending my disbelief: Time machine? OK. You and Governor Lawrence? Ouch. Rebound of print journalism? Sorry. 🙂

    • davidallen909

      I guess the comeback of print journalism pushed the envelope too far.

      • DebB

        Maybe not! I heard that a new newspaper began publication today: the Long Beach Register. Several of the soundbites were very pro-newspaper, including some younger people. Your column may be prescient! (did I use that correctly?) Loved the column, by the way!

        • davidallen909

          You used and spelled the word correctly. Impressive!

      • John Clifford

        At least it meant that future David still had a job. Hooray!

        • davidallen909

          Good point! And thanks for not saying “Boooo!”