Now, about that interdimensional time machine…

My colleague Sandra Emerson attended the presentation Saturday night at the old Carnegie Library  in Upland by Darklands Paranormal and found 205 people present, said to be the largest attendance for an adult event. People lined up for a chance to get in. Read her story here.

The alleged interdimensional time machine showed up in a series of three photographs taken of the children’s room. In the first, nothing untoward appeared. In the second, a boxy object can be seen, vaguely, across the room. In the third, the entire image was black. You can see the first two here.

Investigators returned after examining the photos and asked any spirits present what the wooden-appearing box was made of. Once a recording of ambient sounds in the room was analyzed, a voice is said to have replied: “It’s graphite.”

I like a helpful ghost.

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  • Allan

    you’re not thinking 4-dimensionally! Ask someone from the past to describe a futuristic device and they’ll use terms they’re familiar with. I’m sure they would have meant graphene, a most excellent material!

    or the ghost meant to complain about graffiti.

  • Joanne Dallas

    Is the large ghostly object in the Upland Library the phone booth used by Dr. Who or actually the Phantom Tollbooth? Actually, I’m rather saddened that a crowd lined up for the ghost results. I wish they had been there to check out some fiction rather than participate in it.

    • davidallen909

      Ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing. And as it was in the children’s section, the Phantom Tollbooth (title of a children’s book, for the uninitiated) would be appropriate.

  • Denise Pappas

    OK, this is what I see. The picture is fuzzy and you can see “something” in
    that corner. The “time machine” doesn’t “appear” until the camera focuses. Then when it goes blurry again it disappears. I’m not saying they didn’t catch
    something, but to jump to the conclusion that it’s in inter-dimensional time
    machine just makes them lose any credibility.

    • davidallen909

      They’re “researchers,” but they obviously want to believe. If they were as skeptical as we might like them to be, they’d scoff at everything, and then quit.

  • Ramona


    (Well, somebody had to do it!)

    • davidallen909

      Don’t scare us like that, Ramona!