Claremont, the poster


I saw this poster on an Expo Line train last weekend in L.A. The MTA has posters for many, maybe all, of the county’s cities, which are displayed at various subway and train stations. The one for Pomona is, or at least was, at the Civic Center stop. This Claremont poster, with art by Jessica Polzin McCoy, is relatively new, as is the Expo Line itself. (it currently runs from Seventh Street downtown to Culver City. A second phase, to Santa Monica, is due in 2015.)

“Delicate watercolors depict a college town that flourishes within the creative environment of The Claremont University Consortium,” the text reads, “and opens an informal invitation to visit a backyard, ride a bike, step into a shady grove and attend school.”

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  • Ramona

    Well, that’s it! They’ve sold me. I’ll be moving to Claremont.
    Do ya have a backyard or a bike I can borrow? Can’t wait to experience the Consortium. . I was expecting the glowing description to end with “But wait! There’s more” ala an infomercial. (Rant over.)

    Don’t mind me and my sarcasm. I’m tired and in a really bad mood.

    How does that description compare to your Claremont living experience?

    • davidallen909

      I have neither a backyard nor a bike, so you’re on your own in those regards. It was a surprise that “quaint stores” or “trees” weren’t cited. And it’s nice to know that attending school requires only “an informal invitation” rather than, say, “an application and tuition.”

  • Joanne Dallas

    I’m suspect massive artistic license on this poster. Claremont would never allow that many pink plastic flamingoes in one yard.

    • davidallen909

      Code enforcement will crack down on either the yard or the poster.

  • Joanne Dallas

    Perhaps Darrell Issa can investigate

  • Theodore Melendez

    Maybe they should include signs that say speed limit 18 mph.