Restaurant of the Week: Great Grinders and Burgers



Great Grinders and Burgers, 12423 Central Ave. (at the 60), Chino

Grinders, for the uninitiated, are submarine sandwiches rather than suggestive dances at the Video Music Awards. This Chino shop gets decent ratings on Yelp, so I sought it out for lunch. It’s in the Superior Market center just below the 60 Freeway, east side, across from the Post Office.

They have hot grinders (the comment above still applies), cold sandwiches, burgers, salads and teriyaki. I asked the best items and was told the pastrami sandwiches, char-broiled burgers and grilled chicken salad are the most popular. I went for the pastrami, as a combo with chips (or fries) and soda ($8.63 with tax).

The sandwich, with mustard, pickles and provolone, came on an 8-inch roll, the pastrami flavorful, the roll crusty. Tasty. Great Grinders’ decor is standard sandwich shop, although the Seattle Mariners poster was an unexpected touch. The TV played “People’s Court,” where a plaintiff won a judgment of $1,250 against his lying ex-roommate. Justice prevailed.

A divider between two rows of tables is topped with a long row of ceramic figures of chefs, more than 50 in all. It’s a personal and unusual touch. Not a bad lunch spot.


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  • Theodore Melendez

    I believe it was formely named Chunky Grinder but when one of the brothers spilt I wish I knew the name and opened another on Central and Chino he got the name. Been going there pretty much all of my life or as long as my family brought it home for early dinner. Seems like the clientle is always service people , kinda of a cop hangout. Pretty much stick to my usual Cold Roast beef or Turkey , they like to add lots of toppings which I tell them to hold, I guess I’m just a simple roast beef dude.

    • davidallen909

      I enjoyed your tossed-off history and description of the place, Simple Roast Beef Dude.

  • Christopher Morales

    This was the original location of Chunkie Grinder and Burger Time, then in the mid 90’s it moved to Central, between Chino Ave and Schaefer, across from John’s Burgers.

    Mr Allen, you need to visit again because Great Grinders and Burgers is on it’s fifth set of owners; went there Fri (9/25/13) for dinner; food is still the same. decor is a little different, but the chefs are still there

    • davidallen909

      Am relieved to hear the little chefs are still there! Thanks for the history and the news, Christopher.

      • Christopher Morales

        Hi David,
        update, the little chefs are gone because the new owners (who I believe are no. 6), remodeled the interior so it is now more casual bistro, than sandwich shop; and the new name is the G.G Grill

        • davidallen909

          Thanks for the update, Christopher. I can see why a new owner would want to put his own personality on the place. Hail to the (little) chefs! We’ll miss them.