Paletas, a Mexican treat, are also made in Ontario

Big Boy 027

Delicias de Michoacan, an Ontario business that makes paletas, or Mexican-style popsicles, is the subject of my Wednesday column. Above, the samples I tried, as described at the start of the column.

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  • Andy Sze

    Interesting piece DA. I once went to a place in el Monte called LA michoacan that made their paletas and ice cream in house. There where stacks of fruit and bags of sugar everywhere. I wonder if there is any relationship

    • davidallen909

      The only relationship would be marketing, in that both use the name of the birthplace of the paleta. It’s like saying “Chicago-style pizza.” Housemade paletas sound cool, literally and figuratively.

  • John Clifford

    Whoop-whoop-whoop, this is the grammar police. I’m going to have to write you up.

    In the article you say that the Mora family “immigrated to Chicago.” You can immigrate from Michoacan, but you emigrate to Chicago.

    That will cost you an extra restaurant review and a Pomona Library story to be determined in the future. Now don’t let me catch you doing that again.

    • davidallen909

      Gah, I always get confused about when to use “emigrate.” Next time I’ll just say “moved,” ha ha. “They moved from Mexico to Chicago.”

      I don’t know how I’ll do an extra restaurant review, given that if I produced two “Restaurant of the Week” posts in one week, the grammar cops, or the logic police, would be all over me again.

      But I’m ahead enough that I shouldn’t miss a week for the foreseeable future. And a Pomona Library piece is definitely in my future.

      • John Clifford

        One site suggests as a way to remember is that you “I”mmigrate “I”n to a country and “E”migrate when you ‘E”xit.

        Just trying to help.

        • davidallen909

          Yeah, but then, aren’t they immigrating to Chicago, and emigrating from Mexico? In that case, I had it right — but I may not have. See what I mean?

          • John Clifford

            Right. The way I learned it is emigrate to/immigrate from. We have an immigrant problem, not an emigrant problem.

  • DebB

    They sound delish! Did you have a favorite?

    • davidallen909

      Lime and hibiscus were two of my favorites. I didn’t try a bunch that I should have, like watermelon and strawberry; I had them bring out the more exotic flavors.