Cleaning out the glovebox


I keep a relatively neat car, I like to think, but you can’t have a car for 12 years without a few unnecessary items accumulating. I cleaned out my car recently, prior to selling it, and was surprised by some of what I found. This photograph presents a carefully curated selection.

Clockwise from lower left: a handwritten list of Chinese restaurants on a desk calendar page from 2007; a “gold card” of unclear benefit from the Grove when I bought a computer circa 2005; one of perhaps a dozen Wet-Naps, saved but never used; a 1994-copyright Auto Club guide to emergency services; a punch card for Burger Bar in Claremont, marked once only (I didn’t really care for the meal) and now even more useless because the restaurant closed probably three years ago; an ArcLight theater card a friend pressured me to sign up for and which I never remembered to carry; a Virgin Megastore “Virgin Important Person” card for a chain that closed in 2009; a Ben and Jerry’s “Mood Magic Card,” date and purpose unknown and never used; and a keychain that came with an “Office” DVD, a miniature stapler in a miniature Jell-O mold.

What’s in your glove compartment, or what have you found in the past with embarrassment?

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  • Ramona

    When I get the yearly auto insurance renewal cards I put one in the glove box as per instructions “Keep this card in your vehicle.” The words “or else” are implied.

    When I exchange the cards I take the year-long detritus out to make room for more. Currently in residence – owners manual for the 2000 Corolla, service records, tissues, a small towel, fuses, pencil and paper, and my grandson’s voice acting script. (What?)

    Dull as dishwater I know but the mild OCD tempers my behavior.

    Wanna know what’s even weirder? I can list that stuff without looking!

    • davidallen909

      I had three years of insurance and registration cards, thus carbon-dating my last glovebox cleanout to 2010. Ha, my Corolla was one year older than yours!

  • DebB

    At least you clean your glovebox. Mine gets cleaned out when I get rid of the car, and not before! I’m not sure what all is in there, but I know there are a bunch of ancient Auto Club maps, my car’s owner’s manual, and a tire pressure checker (not that I ever use that). Who knows what else?

    So what kind of new car are you getting?

    • davidallen909

      I got a Mini Cooper, used. I love it.

      • DebB

        What fun – great little cars! Congrats!