Column: Unguarded comments fly at Ontario council meeting

All I wanted was a short item, honest, to top off an items column. So I attended Tuesday’s Ontario City Council meeting, in hopes of something happening. My reward was the spectacle of a feisty Ontario-Montclair School Board member speaking during public comment, and four council members firing back. It was among the more ridiculous, but entertaining, meetings I can remember attending.

Instead of a short item, I got an entire column, which you can read here. (Items will run Sunday instead.)

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  • SAWZ

    That’s not the way its supposed to go. The Council should sit quietly while the commenter talks. Then the commenter is to sit down. The Mayor/Council might ask staff to look into the situation and tell the commenter they will get back with the findings and/or solutions.

  • John Clifford

    A nice way for the mayor to act to a community member just before an election where he’s trying to move up the ladder (and out of the city).