Restaurant of the Week: Oh Queso


Oh Queso, 14270 Chino Hills Parkway (at Grand), Chino Hills; open daily

Chino Hills isn’t really a burger town, so I was doubly surprised when a foodie friend advised me that an excellent burger could be had in town at a Mexican restaurant. I ventured into the far western reaches of Chino Hills to find Oh Queso, located in the Stater Bros. center, around the point where the town peters out into scrubby hills.

Oh Queso looks like a chain but isn’t. It calls itself California Mexican Cuisine and has the usual array of tacos and burritos. They also have “gourmet burgers,” described on the menu as being made with “6 ounces of fresh ground chuck and brisket beef.”

I got the cheeseburger ($5.25) but with a fried egg ($1 extra) and as a combo with fries and soda, a total of $9.14 with tax. I’d never had an egg on my burger but my friend said it helps, and another friend swears by eggs too.

The fries were of the crunchy, double-fried variety, very good. A basket of house-made tortilla chips, also good. The burger? It was served on an egg bun, sturdy enough to hold up under the burger, cheese, egg, tomato, onion and sauce. The patty was thick, fresh and loosely packed. In sum, this burger was a magnificent thing, beefy and drippy.

They also sell pastrami burgers, bacon cheeseburgers and a green chili cheeseburger, or you can add sauteed mushrooms, an extra patty or extra cheese. The egg didn’t do much for me, but maybe I’ll acquire the taste. The guy at the next table got a pastrami burger, seemed impressed and took a menu home.

The restaurant interior is nothing to get excited about, although it’s pleasant enough, with tables and actual chairs, as well as a communal table with padded benches. You order at the counter and your food is brought to you. The service was friendly.


Oh Queso’s cheeseburger is certainly a contender for best Inland Valley fast-food burger, possibly beating out the Habit, Five Guys, Fatburger and Rounds, and for the money it’s a better deal than sit-down burger champions Back Abbey and Eureka. I haven’t made a comprehensive survey, and note I said “contender,” but if there’s a better burger locally, somebody tell me where it is.

I don’t know when I’ll be driving that far out into western Chino Hills again, but if I do I now know a good place to eat there.


Update September 2016: Actually, I’ve gone back twice. The burgers are worth it. I hear the carne asada fries are another winner.


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  • Bob Terry

    That is a long haul for a burger, but I do get into Chino at least once a week on business and always stop at Lee’s sandwiches every other week. Is it safe to go into Chino Hills again…what with Edison towers, maternity hotels and property encroachment? Ok, I will try it next week, as long as I don’t miss the shopping center and wind up in Diamond Bar and OMG LA County!

    • John Clifford

      Yes, be careful driving around out there. You could make a wrong turn and end up (shudder) in Pomona! Where the Rookery makes a pretty good burger as well.

  • Cliff Hutson

    Never had an egg on a burger? Wow, I am more senile than I thought. I tell everyone that it was one of your columns that convinced me to first try the Jalapeno Egg Burger at Eureka Burger.

    • davidallen909

      I just went back to reread that blog post to make sure I wasn’t the senile one, and I’m not. Whew. As a non-jalapeno person, that’s not a burger I would ever order. But if you liked the burger, I’m happy to take the credit.

      • Cliff Hutson

        I figured I was the one in error. But, in any event, you deserve credit for all the great restaurant reviews you do write. They are the best as you tell us how you really feel.

        • davidallen909

          I try. And I appreciate the boost, Cliff.

  • Christopher Morales

    What’s the definition of a better burger?