‘Dexter’ at ONT


Sunday’s series finale for Showtime’s “Dexter” included a scene in which, as I understand it, the titular serial killer, played by Michael C. Hall, left Miami’s airport. As you can see, Miami was played by LA/Ontario International Airport.

As an Entertainment Weekly blog post describes it: “Dex and Hannah leave the airport and get to his SUV, which has a rather amazingly great parking space right outside the terminal.” Close-by parking? That’s ONT all right!

(I took a photo of Joani Finwall’s Instagram photo. She wrote: “I do believe part of the series finale of Dexter was filmed in the IE! Looks like ONT in the background.”)

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  • Ronald Scott

    It was Miami Airport in “Catch me if You Can” as well. Lets just change the name, maybe that will increase air traffic.

    • davidallen909

      That’s right, it’s been Miami twice now.

  • JamesFlagg

    The finale also featured a scene where Dexter pulled his boat up to a harbor-side hospital called “Miami Central”….as he pulls out you can see the SS Lane Victory at the end of the channel in in San Pedro……