Column: Upland’s official cookie made with official flour

Upland now has an official cookie. Isn’t that perfect? That was some of the news from Monday’s City Council meeting, the subject of Wednesday’s column.

By the way, I love my headline. I was thinking of other things a city or state might have, like an official flower, and the pun came to me.

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  • DebB

    I like your headline, too!

    I have been the primary designer for two different magazines and many newsletters in my career. It has always surprised me how little attention headlines and captions receive from (some) writers and editors. Those items are usually the first two things a reader reads, and may be the only thing he/she reads! But so many of the people I’ve worked for have just tossed them off as unimportant.

    Of course, the most worrisome problem is when the proofreader pays no attention!

  • SAWZ

    I hope the baker gets very rich off the cookie and hope there are legal means to protect the recipe until she can make a killing. If a guy can become a multiple millionaire by discovering a glob of stuff called Silly Putty, a baker should be able to do the same with a cookie.
    Montclair has an official tree with a flower–I doubt many remember. It is the Magnolia tree. When it was first announced, we went out and bought a little one, planted it in the front yard, and went on vacation. Our child didn’t keep it watered and it was dead when we got home. Magnolias don’t seem to draw that much attention here anyway. I would prefer the Crepe Myrtle because it is lush and noticeable.

    • davidallen909

      I did not know that about Montclair, and don’t know if any of our other cities have an official anything. Cookie has to be a first, though.