Column: Miley Cyrus takes a dive in the 909

Friday’s column has items from all over, leading off with an anecdote from the latest Rolling Stone about Miley Cyrus skydiving in Perris and noshing at Baker’s Drive-Thru. Then we’ve got a Pomona person on CBS’ “48 Hours,” “The Butler” actor Forest Whitaker’s Cal Poly connection, a panel of Inland Empire writers in Claremont and many, many more items.

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  • DebB

    I find it interesting that Fair attendance was down this year, because I thought their ad campaign was pretty awful. In the past few years, they’ve been using the concept that LA needs the Fair – a woman and her kids not knowing where wool comes from and other humorous vignettes. But this year it felt to me as if they’d used up all their good ideas and were really reaching bottom in their ads. And the whole “unleash your inner Fair” concept was a dud, too, in my opinion.

    • davidallen909

      The “Unleash your inner Fair” banners and print ads, the only promos I saw, turned me off too with their freaky-looking people. They can’t do the same thing every year, but this campaign didn’t appeal to me.