Column: Portland adventure had no close shaves

I took a short vacation last month to Portland, Ore., which is the subject of Friday’s column. If you’ve been there, your reactions will be especially appreciated.

Fun fact: I left for Portland one month ago today, wrote the column a week or so after my return, and it’s languished ever since, as pressing business kept intruding.

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  • DebB

    I haven’t been there, but it sounds like I should go. A whole city of books…ahhhhhh….

    • davidallen909

      You wouldn’t leave empty-handed, that’s for sure.

  • Bob House

    Worth the trip always, just for Powell’s. If you had bought a hipster fedora, your stubble would have qualified you as a native, not tourist sans shaver. If someone else was paying, I would have gone to the Ringside Steakhouse – supposed to be the real deal. I feel your pain on the return flight — I have often flown whiskey-ery. I like to arrive just a little higher than the plane.

    • davidallen909

      Powell’s would have been worth a column of its own, but no point in going overboard. One thing I left out of the column was a rare occurrence on the flight back from Portland: I knew a fellow passenger.

  • Doug Evans

    Having visited Powell’s just two weeks before David was there, I’ll second everything in this column (everything about Powell’s at least; I didn’t visit Voodoo Doughnut, though my sister took my daughter). (Oh, and I shave with a manual razor, thus avoiding the need to keep the shaver charged.) (iPhone and iPad are another story.) I walked out with a couple of science fiction anthologies from the ’40s and ’50s and a Doctor Who mug. A comparatively light haul for me, but since I still have books unread from my last Powell’s visit four years ago, I probably did the right thing. Love the Powell’s, and love the Portland!

    • davidallen909

      I still have four books from my last Powell’s visit unread. But at least I’ve read all the books from the visit before that, and that counts for something.