Column: An old friend is left behind in the rear-view mirror

Wednesday’s column is a farewell to my car, which I drove for 12 years before recently upgrading.

Do you have, or have you had, loyal feelings to a particular car? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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  • DebB

    I usually buy new cars, and keep them until they’re in such bad shape that I’m more than ready to move on to something newer. But while I have them, I love them, including my current RAV4. It’s 8 years old now, but still in very good condition with less than 40,000 miles, so I’ll probably have it for some time.

    • davidallen909

      You drive under 5,000 miles per year? (Math is fun!) Wow!

      Given that a Corolla is good for 200,000 or 300,000 miles, in theory, you could drive one the rest of your life — although by year 30 or 40, you might be ready for a change.

      • DebB

        In a past life I drove from Pomona to Huntington Beach, and later Irvine, every day in rush hour. So my cars were high-mileage economy cars. Now that I work at home I drive very little, so I could afford the (little) SUV I’d been wanting.

        By your theory, the car would outlive me! But in a few years, according to the news, our cars will be driving us, so I’ll probably have to trade in this ancient model that I have to drive myself!

  • WendyE.

    Just took my 2002 Mazda to the garage for a new radiator. That’s the first thing that has ever gone wrong with it (other than needing new tires).
    In high school I drove a ’76 Honda Civic, about the size of a Mini Cooper. The original owner put in a diesel horn, like the big rigs have. Always kept the other drivers wondering where that big truck was…

    • davidallen909

      A diesel horn! Ha ha ha! On the freeway, children in other cars should have made the universal pulling motion with their arms to get you to blast your horn. But they’d never have known to.

  • SAWZ

    My car is 14 years old now and I don’t think I will need a new one for about ten more years. The one previous to this one was eleven years old, with 70,000 miles on it, when it was stolen from the Metrolink parking lot–leaves a very sinking feeling–it was never recovered.
    When my husband and I were young, we were clueless–we traded off two classic cars–a ’55’ Bel Air which we traded in on a ’61’ Impala. We kept that car for 13 years and got $50 for it when we traded it in on a ’73’ Caprice, which we kept for 14 years.

    • davidallen909

      You might still be driving your 70,000-mile car if it hadn’t been stolen! Your earlier cars weren’t classic when you had them, but as you say, they are now.