Column: Take a tour of the world’s Pomonas

I knew there were towns named Pomona elsewhere in the world, but I had no idea how many until recently: 25, including ours. I’ve got a list, as well as restaurant and cultural news, in Sunday’s column.

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  • DebB

    Like you, I knew there were other Pomonas, but had no idea how many! So I put “Pomona” into the weather widget on my Mac’s dashboard and it brought up many of the ones you listed. It also listed Pomo, CA; Pomorie, Bulgaria; Pomoy, Franche-Comte (France); and, mysteriously, Miller, SD.

    • davidallen909

      That is mysterious. Some computer program was reaching for one last Pomona and didn’t quite make it.

  • Ramona

    In the pre-zipcode days, we would sometimes receive mail for a Pomona in another state when I worked at Potlatch* in Pomona. We got a large bundle of mail each work day and the person in charge of sorting and distributing it to appropriate departments had to have a good eye. She usually kept the missent ones a couple of days and gave them back to the mail carrier who said, “Wait, What? Hmmm.”

    *Spell check suggested “Hotchpotch”.

    • davidallen909

      I’ll address my comment to Hotchpotch, Pomona, Another State!