Column: How do you break in a new car? Road trip!


Wednesday’s column is about my vacation, from which I returned Friday. (Unless you paid attention to my Twitter feed, you wouldn’t have known I was gone, as columns and blog posts kept appearing. Neat trick, eh?) I took a road trip up to the Bay Area and back along the coast. Really nice.

Above, the CDs I brought along, atop my California road atlas. Below are a few paragraphs I cut from the column, picking up right after I respond to my friend’s comment about mp3s. I chopped ’em for space and maybe relevancy.

A few sights along the drive up:
• A shared sign for a new shopping center in Delano has space for logos of a dozen tenants. Only two slots were filled: McDonald’s and Walmart. Well, that covers the lowest common denominators.
• “It’s Happening in Soledad,” a billboard read. Next line: “Gateway to the Pinnacles.” This left me confused where “it” was really happening, Soledad or the Pinnacles.
• Rest stops are a true blessing to the weary traveler, and a couple of the ones on the 99 in Tulare County were especially clean and modern-looking. Nice job, Caltrans. My sole complaint: California maps on display at the rest stops tend to be about water use or Spanish missions and never pinpoint where you are. Is it a secret?
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  • DebB

    Sounds like you had a great trip, and I enjoyed seeing your Tweets along the way. I really enjoy road trips, one of my favorite having been in northern Calif, where I left the 5 in Redding, headed west on 299 through Whiskeytown and Trinity National Forest to Arcata and Eureka, before heading south on 101. I’m glad you were able to get away, and still be with us, so to speak!

    • davidallen909

      Your trip sounds ambitious. Can you believe I’ve never been farther north than Healdsburg and Sacramento? I should explore the far north sometime. Lots of California remains to be seen.

  • Allan

    How to rip MP3s from Audio CDs using iTunes: — ultimately being able to search by artists, title, etc. makes the initial time-investment worth it. Heck, that probably holds true for any digitization project as long as the metadata is good. 🙂 May want to get an external drive if you’ve got a huge CD collection.

  • davidallen909

    Does 2,500 CDs, give or take, qualify as “a huge CD collection”?