Column: Pope attacks columnist in Upland pizzeria

That headline ought to turn a few heads, or result in a few clicks, eh? Friday’s items column begins with a freak accident involving yours truly and a commemorative plate of Pope Francis. After that, the usual news ‘n’ notes from around the valley.

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  • Doug Evans

    Stories like this are why I love this column. Not that I enjoy the thought of our columnist getting banged up about the face, but the writing, and the good cheer throughout (instead of suing the owner, you’re bantering with him, and he’s bantering back!), make me think good things about humanity.


    • davidallen909

      You’re welcome! I knew I should write a few lines about the incident, it being so (literally) off the wall, but hadn’t expected to make it the lead item until thinking up the irresistible headline.

  • Bob House

    A line that only David Allen acolytes could accept as newsworthy: from your column, the announcement that we could see “a photo of the stack of CDs I took on my road trip.”

    • davidallen909

      Not to mention “yours truly gets new glasses.” Well, there’s a reason these are blog posts, where only the cognoscenti will see them, or care.

  • Theodore Melendez

    Hilarious Headline

    • davidallen909

      Yeah, that was a once in a lifetime headline opportunity … one assumes.