Pomona Gold Line station would be a fun zone


The best part of last week’s “kickoff meeting” for the Gold Line light-rail extension from Azusa to Montclair was the conceptual art for Pomona’s station. Artist Steve Farley incorporated the L.A. County Fair’s old Fun Zone arch — see below — into his station design.

Not only that, but to spell out “Pomona,” Farley used individual letters, ransom note-style, from notable signs around town. Farley, who like the artists for the Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Claremont and Montclair platforms was at the meeting, stresses that this is just an initial design and that a committee would help him refine the approach.

Farley explains his concept to me in this video. Note his Bob’s Big Boy T-shirt.

The Ontario native, who grew up across from Chaffey High School, now lives in Arizona, where he’s a rarity, an artist and a state senator. He’s friends with fellow Ontario native Charles Phoenix, the source of the image below. Phoenix says the Fun Zone arch was in existence from 1950 to 1980. “The entrance to the Fun Zone at the fair was one of Southern California’s most spectacular works of neon ever,” he declares.

The $950 million Gold Line extension may never be built, as currently there’s no funding source, but never count it out. If nothing else, they should build Pomona’s station. Put it on wheels and cart it around town.


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  • John Clifford

    About as California as you can get. Take a beloved landmark, tear it down, then build it somewhere else. Just what Disney did building versions of the Pan Pacific Auditorium and Carthay Circle Theater in Florida.

    But I can’t wait to see that station.

    • Erik Griswold

      You’ll be waiting a very long time. And what’s really too bad is that if this line actually went to Downtown Pomona, it might very well have the ridership to justify its operation.

      • John Clifford

        Unless the freight trains abandon those tracks it would be unlikely. I’d switch to downtown in a heartbeat (even paying for parking) but there are so few trains running that it’s impractical.

  • Bob House

    Very mixed feelings – love the Fair sign, it’s truly iconic. Artist – good. Arizona politician – the bottom of a barrel of rotten apples. A thinking Arizonan – unique.

    • Richard_Pietrasz

      Politicians are often take a very artistic license with the truth, in Arizona and elsewhere.

  • Elaine Griffin

    Very nice artwork….

  • Randall Volm

    Hello David,
    I’ve always been a long time supporter for the light-rail line going all the way to Ontario Airport, like it one was proposed a few years back. I feel, one way to entice MTA officials (pardon the pun) on-track to at least Montclair, is to fund underpassing both Towne and Garey Avenues, much like what Arcadia and Santa Anita, and Pasadena are doing with overpasses, above (their) city streets.

    • davidallen909

      In the context of a $950 million line, two underpasses (maybe $30 million?) probably isn’t the deciding factor for MTA on whether to pursue this. Pomona’s ability to fund two underpasses seems doubtful. But it’d be nice to see them.

      • Randall Volm

        Perhaps your correct; I’m fearing the cost of the third and final leg is introduced (can’t be until after construction begins on this leg to Montclair, which is nowhere’s near any kind of an approval), will cost more than $1.2 billion

  • PmnaTown

    It’s a waste of money. Already have Metrolink.