Restaurant of the Week: Pancakes R Us


Pancakes R Us, 2282 N. Garey Ave. (at Arrow), Pomona; open daily.

The first location is in Costa Mesa, the second in Pomona, an expansion model you don’t see very often. Pancakes R Us took over the closed Sizzler between a KFC and a shuttered classic Arby’s in north Pomona earlier this month.

It was moderately busy on a Sunday morning. We were immediately greeted and sat, and our beverage orders taken. Service was a little shaky, but attentive. What surprised me was how few pancakes a place named Pancakes R Us had on its menu: 10 varieties, by my count, including buttermilk. apple, blueberry, boysenberry, peach, strawberry, country nut and grain, chocolate chip, potato and pumpkin.

What, no banana? I thought banana and blueberry were as basic as you could get. I went for pumpkin ($8). They were acceptable, and with no syrup accompanying, I used the maple at the table. The second person got pigs in blankets ($7), four sausages in four buttermilk pancakes. He had no complaints.

That didn’t hold true for the third person, whose huevos rancheros ($8.29) were poor: scrambled rather than fried, with canned refried beans and clumpy rice on the side, and pickled jalapenos on top rather than the roasted whole jalapenos depicted on the menu (with fried eggs). She was told corn tortillas weren’t available for her side, only flour, but the eggs were served atop fried corn tortillas. “I’d give this one star,” she said, picking at her inedible rice.

So, it’s good to see a middle-of-the-road restaurant open in Pomona, one serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, but my first visit was not promising. In fact, it fell flat as a pancake. Well, there’s a Carrows a few blocks away on Foothill, and Flappy Jack’s in Glendora serves up a lot more pancakes.




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  • Andy Sze

    Does the batter taste like Sodexo or Sysco food service? I like diners but unfortunately there are very few good ones east of downtown and Pasadena. Thanks for taking the hit for us. Have you tried Johnnie s up the street on Bonita and Garey?

    • davidallen909

      You’re welcome, ha ha. I tried Johnnie’s Burgers a long time ago, pre-blog, and it was okay, but didn’t leave a strong impression. Say, did you ever try Dino’s Chicken?

      • Andy Sze

        I liked there breakfasts, at least the French toast and eggs for 5-6 bucks. Have not tried Dino yet. I keep on passing by it though.

  • Doug Evans

    You had me at pigs in blankets.

    (Granted that the overall tenor of your review was not great, but… pigs in blankets! Ah, comfort food.)

    • davidallen909

      How much better “Jerry Maguire” would’ve been if Renee Zellweger had told Tom Cruise, “You had me at pigs in blankets.”

  • Andy Sze

    With the completion of their central facility in Brea about a month ago, 85C Announced plans to expand to 50 stores.  They might make it there.  
    On another note, DA cited some time back that Seafood City was going to open in Rancho in the former best buy store.  I thought it was misinformation as for months all I saw was Party City moving into that location and tons of parking lot construction.  Turns out, Party City took half the store and Seafood City taking the other half.  My wife also reports that Red Ribbon and Jollibee are under construction there as well.  As with most seafood cities, there is a attached “trifecta of bad taste” Red Ribbon, Jollibee and Chow King.  There might not be a trifecta, but a perfecta ain’t bad… except for your tastebuds.

    • davidallen909

      I phoned the leasing agent, so no, it wasn’t misinformation (as you discovered!). I’ve never heard of Chow King, but obviously you’re not a fan!

  • Sparky

    You weren’t “sat.” You were seated.

    • davidallen909

      Oh, were you there?

      Just kidding, you’re right; it didn’t read right to me but I didn’t get what was wrong with it.