Column: Big Boy lumbers to life at Pomona fairgrounds


The world’s largest steam locomotive, Big Boy No. 4014, on Thursday began its journey out of the Rail Giants train museum at Pomona’s Fairplex, its home since 1962, to Wyoming. But it’s a slow journey, as the locomotive isn’t functional and it’s being towed as track can be laid. Friday’s column has the details. The Big Boy was the subject of a column in August. You can watch a 45-second video from Thursday here.

Big Boy 028

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  • DebB

    I saw an article about this on the news last night. They spoke to a couple of the people in your article. It was impressive to see it moving, although I’m sure it was much more so in person. I keep wondering – why tow it to Wyoming for restoration? Why not restore it here, then drive it to Wyoming or wherever?

    • davidallen909

      That’s something I should have made clearer, I guess. Wyoming is where their restoration facility is. I’m guessing the difference would be like a mechanic working on your car in his shop the side of the highway.

  • Gerhard Krämer

    David, after giving you the original scoop on this story in July, I though I might at least be informed by you about the actual date of the move. Oh well, my boy still liked you and talking to you. Even after your interview with him.

    • davidallen909

      Whew. (He’s lucky I like HIM after that pulling-teeth interview!)

      Actually, while I had two days’ notice of the press conference, I didn’t realize it was open to the public until getting there and finding a bunch of rail fans. Well…maybe you can watch it from Arrow once it gets closer.