• Ramona

    Truck stops, David. Sure, a shower will cost ya but you get a fresh towel, wash cloth, bath mat and soap.

    And do some Christmas shopping in the store. They carry some interesting stuff over and above the trucker’s caps.

    And, while you’re there, marvel at the driver’s skill at backing his 80,000 rig into a slot just big enough for your Mini.

    Have a steak n’ fries and write a review.

    Yes, I admire long-haul truckers. They keep us fed, clothed, and supplied with stuff we don’t need. All while dodging the idiots on the roads. Bless ’em and keep them safe.

    • davidallen909

      Really, I could’ve gone to a truck stop and paid for a shower? That makes perfect sense, now that you mention it, but I’d never known truck stops did that. That’d have been funny!

      I once did a column about the Travel Centers of America West restaurant in Ontario because it was due to be featured on the Food Network. Good buffet, good enough that I ate there another time.

      • Ramona

        Yep. I should mention that truckers usually get free showers with a minimum diesel purchase – probably about 50 gallons.

        I doubt that much would fit in your Mini so you have to pay.