Stinky’s, inside and out


Stinky’s, a self-deprecatingly named burger stand in Upland popular from 1948 to 1968 (and sometimes spelled Stinkey’s), has been the subject of previous blog posts, which drew many comments herehere and here. Visually, though, all I’d been able to find was an interior photo and a not particularly helpful aerial view.

But then I got these two cool photos via Darin Kuna: an interior and, at last, an exterior. Rather than add them to the long-ago posts, I’ve given them their due here. Dig the box fan. And the fellow in the back has even been identified, as George Kunde.

* And below that is an aerial from 1950, also from Kuna, of Stinky’s.



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  • Lois Robbins

    Thanks for the photos David. I grew up close to this place and I have no memories of it. I thought if I ever saw a picture it would ring a bell. No bells ringing at all!

    • davidallen909

      Maybe if my blog was scratch n sniff, and you smelled grilled onions, it would all come back. Or not.

  • Darin Kuna

    Nice pics, David. I wonder where you got those? 😉

    • davidallen909

      Like I said, I got them from Joe. But I don’t know where Joe got them. From you? You ARE the man, after all.

      • Darin Kuna

        I posted that before I had PM’d you.

  • Bob House

    Great finds, David. Check out the Facebook page, “You know you’re from Claremont if you . . .”. A number of Stinky’s posts have popped up recently, including this blog post of yours. In one, the musician, Chris Darrow, reports he was in the Stinky’s ad in the 1962 Claremont High annual.

  • william skelton

    Corner of Foothill and Monte Vista. Only a few boulders left on a barren space. There was a folk club called The Meeting Place and the Montclair Swim Club west of there.